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Projecto is a Scalable Digital Office for both remote and on-premise teams. Assign, track, negotiate, edit, complete your tasks and projects through Projecto.

Unleash the Power
of Digital Office

Keep Your Projects, Events, and Tasks on Track

Break down projects into smaller tasks and assign them to your team members. With self-explanatory statuses and multi-level decomposition trees, this tool ensures efficient collaboration and progress tracking.

The availability statuses in employee profiles make scheduling and delegation much easier.

Your Work, Organize Your Life

Keep track of all your deadlines, meetings, and events with the Projecto digital work calendar. Whether you need to schedule shift work, manage employee schedules, or plan projects, our calendar planning software will make your life easier.

Collaborate with your team using our weekly work planner, and track progress with ease.

See the Big Picture of Your Team’s Real Progress

Projecto project management tool allows you to manage both small scaled-down projects and entire project portfolios.

With features like major and interim goal setting, progress tracking, Gantt Charts, and Kanban Boards, Projecto helps keep all types of projects under control.

Your Solution to Effective Workflows

A collaborative task management tool can help any team or department to build effective workflows, track progress, and maintain productivity.

With its shared task lists, planners, team task tracking, and collaborative project management features, Projecto enables seamless collaboration and organization among team members.

Get a Clear Overview of Your Projects

Simplify project management and increase your chances of success with Projecto Gantt chart tool. Plan, track, and manage your projects with ease.

Whether you're planning a single project or managing multiple ventures, our Gantt chart app can help you achieve any goal.

Compare Projecto

Say goodbye to scattered tasks and documents. With Projecto, you'll be able to focus on what matters most - getting things done.

Meister task
Microsoft Project
Zoho projects
Organizational Chart
Dashboards & Widgets
Comparing Multiple Schedules
Task setting and control
Delegating tasks from executives
Project management
Meister task
Microsoft Project
Zoho projects
Document Archive
Document management and approval
Email services
Collaborative work on notes
Shared files
Dismissed employees’ data transfer
Full-featured mobile versions
Tags and labels
Work load analysis
GitHub integration
Gantt Chart
Kanban Board

Some of the competitors' features marked as unavailable* can be obtained through additional plugins, integrations, and one-time/monthly payments.
* Not an offer. The data in the table is subject to change.

License prices

$7 US
per user/month, billed monthly
$5 US
per user/month, billed annually


Your security and efficiency are our top priority.
This is how we put our values into action.

Available on Android, macOS, and iOS

Switch seamlessly between a web browser version and full-featured iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

Risk-free Collaboration

Projecto is designed so that nothing can jeopardize your business. For example, subordinates cannot delete files, edit agendas, or move deadlines without the executive's approval.

Hourly Database Backup

All your data is stored in a secure data center protected by hourly backups, so in case of emergency we keep all your documents and tasks intact.

99,98% Uptime

Projecto's servers are active 99.98% of the time, guaranteeing you a non-stop operation.

HTTPS - Only Connection

While you're working with Projecto, we make sure no one can track your web pages, passwords, docs and other sensitive business information.

Data Security

We do not sell or share your personal or corporate data to third parties.

Use Scenarios

Master Your Workflow

Projecto is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, offering task management, collaboration, and project tracking features.

Set deadlines and assign tasks to ensure accountability;

Use collaboration tools to improve teamwork and communication;

Utilize project tracking features to monitor performance.

Empower Your Organization

Projecto is a scalable platform for enterprise-level organizations, offering custom workflows, advanced analytics, and enterprise-grade security.

Customize workflows to meet the unique needs of your organization;

Track project performance and identify areas for improvement;

Protect sensitive data with enterprise-grade security features.

Achieve Creative Brilliance

Designed with creative teams in mind, a task and project management platform can help to eliminate chaos and bring structure to the creative process.

Track project progress and identify potential issues;

Work together on projects and share feedback;

Manage creative projects from start to finish.

Simply Build Better

Construction teams can utilize Projecto to manage projects seamlessly ensuring timely completion, proper budgeting and quality control.

Create visual timelines with Gantt charts;

Leverage task management features to assign and track progress;

Manage construction projects efficiently.

Execute Flawless Events

Event planners and managers can use Projecto software to manage all aspects of events from the initial planning phase and task assignments to the final execution.

Schedule events and manage deadlines with ease;

Leverage task management features;

Manage event planning and execution efficiently.

Maximize Production Efficiency

Manufacturing companies can optimize their workflow with Projecto, which ensures maximum efficiency and consistent quality production.

Create visual timelines with Gantt charts to track progress;

Ensure accountability across the team with task management features;

Manage supply chain, planning, quality control, and logistics with custom workflows.

Harvest Success

Visualizing difficult agricultural plans through boards and charts can be done with Projecto, making it easier to organize and monitor projects, contractors.

Track task progress to ensure accountability;

Schedule farm operations and manage deadlines;

Manage farm operations efficiently with custom workflows.

Power Up Your Legal Practice

Projecto can help manage cases, documents, and schedules, ensuring efficient case management and timely delivery of legal services.

Manage legal cases and track progress;

Assign tasks and set deadlines for legal teams;

Streamline legal cases and improve efficiency.

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