Online Team Management Software

Consolidate employees interactions with a powerful management tool.

No matter how complex your company processes are, its main asset is always the people. Projecto’s collaborative task management tools help you to easily build the effective work of any team or department, track progress and maintain productivity.

The Projecto team management tool is designed to help you and your team achieve your goals. With Projecto, you can collaborate seamlessly and stay organized with features like shared task lists, planners, team task tracking, and collaborative project management.

Teamwork Software for Any Organizational Chart

Projecto's HR tools allow administrators to recreate any structure of the company or a team with an unlimited number of people and departments.

Projecto is both helpful to a municipal ofice with a brachy structure, or to a construction company with dozens of contractors and decision-makers.

Collaborative Work App as a User-Friendly Digital Office


You can switch between departments, working with lists of managers, employees and subsidiaries. Inside the departments and organizations, you can view the employees related to them. Any user can view the department and information within it.


All employees are arranged in alphabetical order in a single scrollable list. You can filter the users by their full name, status or access level. If you need to search for any user, just enter a few letters of the name or surname into a search bar.


Here you can edit in-company and third-party legal entities. The structure of own legal entities may correspond with the real organizational structure, or may differ from it, and both scenarios are supported by Projecto collaborative work management tool.

Team Management App with Smart User Rights and Statuses

Projecto group task manager app has another special feature. Some users here can be assigned a special level of access rights, like human resource managers.

This allows them to see and edit any contact data, register new users' accounts, document layoffs and modify the organizational chart.

Address Book as an Ultimate Collaborative Work Tool

Projecto user list is primarily a reflection of a real-life corporate address book where people browse for business emails, phone numbers and extensions, the department where the person is working, etc.

Any profile in Projecto team management tool contains information about the date of admission, positions, birthdays, vacations, and basic stats. No confidential data in the profiles is visible to employees, some data is only available to HRs and managers.

Company-Wide HR Management Tracker Tool

One of Projecto's HR features is dedicated to both department-sized memos, and enterprise-wide announcements. The pop-ups are created using a WYSIWYG editor that supports media attachments, chats and polls.

Migration Assistant for Better Team Task Management

Projecto’s team task management software offers this tool to HR-reps and managers to view tasks, events, documents, chats, projects, etc. left from the dismissed employees, making it one of your most reliable team project management tools.

Apart from the visual display, in Projecto app all these components are designed to be shared to a new employee, or the dismissed person’s associate. You can choose between three options: closure, redelegation or removal.

No matter how complex a company's processes are, its employees are its greatest resource. Projecto makes it easy to build an effective team or department, track progress and maintain productivity.

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