Unlock your business potential with Projecto

Stop dealing with inefficiencies, struggling to streamline your operations, and juggling multiple systems at once. Projecto digital office is designed to address your pain points and propel your business towards unrivaled success.

Available on Android, macOS, and iOS
Hourly Database Backup
Risk-free Collaboration
99,98% Uptime
HTTPS-Only Connection
Data Security

Streamline operations and boost efficiency with Projecto

Take Control of Your Business with a Seamless Scalable Digital Office Solution.

Drive Operational Excellence

Seamless operations are the key to success. Regain control over your entire business ecosystem. From finance and inventory management to human resources and supply chain coordination, our solution consolidates all the moving parts into one centralized platform.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Business Processes

Managing fragmented data across multiple systems can be a nightmare. Our program ensures seamless data flow between departments, eliminating duplicate entries, and providing a comprehensive overview of your organization's operations.

Empower Your Team

Keeping track of tasks and project progress can be a daunting task itself. We've got you covered with our powerful employee task tracker. Seamlessly assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress in one centralized hub.

Perfect data flow and task management

Managing fragmented data across multiple systems can be a nightmare. Our integrated solution ensures seamless data flow between departments and provides an overview of your organization's operations.

Add new users
Grant access rights
Assign tasks
Manage execution
Analyze performance

Projecto features for business objectives

With these features you can put together all your business activities in one space.

Projecto Inbox notifies you on the changes and updates in tasks, projects, meetings, and in-company activities.

Send out important polls, announce holidays and days off, share corporate news.

Invite executors, create subtasks, track the progress, get reports and accept the results.

Keep all events in one place, invite participants with different roles and access rights, compare your colleagues schedules for better planning.

The document cards have fields like parties, subject, sum of money, and terms. The roles show who is responsible for the document: who created it, who has the original, who supervises the deal, etc.

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