10 benefits of using project management software

Still not using project management software in your work? You’re missing out! Where such software is used: for complex tasks involving many people work simultaneously; where planning and strict resource allocation are required; where it is necessary to monitor the subordinates’ activities, quickly set tasks, make collegial decisions, discuss further actions, etc.

Project requirements management plan

When you need to launch a website, you use a ready-made CMS system. When starting your own business, you can also speed up the process by utilizing franchises. This is where a requirements management plan comes into play.

Task planning for the team

Task planning for a team may seem simple at first glance, but when it comes to practical implementation, many factors need to be considered.

What is Agile sprint planning?

The concept of sprint came from sports, but it so happens that it is most actively applied in programming concerning Agile planning.

What is OKR and how to apply it effectively

Quality and quantitative assessment of results in business, management, and many other «intangible» spheres of activity, where it is difficult to measure and calculate something, is always a big problem. Let’s try to understand what OKR is and how to apply it.

How to Select Staff Correctly

Experienced managers know that some knowledge comes only with time and practice in certain matters. Hiring personnel is just such an area where you can’t do without practice and mistakes made.